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What is proprioception ? (Part 1)

The awareness of the position of your joint or limb in space.

Proprioception allows humans to control their limbs without having to look directly at them. For example, think of playing football, we’re able to line up our body in the perfect position, then kick the ball with one of our legs, all without looking down. We can even kick the ball with varying degrees of power and direction.

Proprioception is a great therapy technique to help patients as well as athletes to return to their sporting level or requirements and prevent re injury.

Proprioception exercises will help with:
– [x] Ankle ligament sprains
– [x] Arthritis knees
– [x] Post arthroscopy
– [x] Meniscal injury
– [x] Knee ligament injuries

We help to tailor a specific rehabilitation programme to your needs.





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Thomas Bloem

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